Winter trip near Kolkata

Winter trip near Kolkata

Winter trip near Kolkata

In the Jharkhand State, Galudih is a famous tourist place in the East Singhbhum District. The Subarnarekha river is surrounded by forest which adds to the beauty of the Galudih, town of Jharkhand. For a Winter trip near Kolkata, the best time to visit Galudih is from December to April. The main scenes are breath taking, especially at sunset and sunrise in Galudih.

It has a township area not fur of village touch. There are untouched and unexplored. The winter trip near Kolkata to Galudih has its diversity with Barudih dams, Dharagiri Waterfall, Phuldungri hill, rivers, forest, mountains and valley. The nature of Galudih attracts a huge influence of visitors every year. The town of Galudih has the winding rivulets and serene waterfalls of Ranchi while also harbouring temple sites of religious worship and a rich multicultural heritage that Kolkata does.

Best place to visit in Galudih

  • Subarnarekha River
  • Panch Pandava
  • Phuldungri Hills
  • Burudih Dhum
  • Rankini Temple
  • Chinnamasta Temple
  • Ratmohona
  • Gouri Kunj
  • Dharagiri Falls
  • Ghatshila rajbari

Best stay in Galudih during a winter trip

If you are staying in Galudhi for a winter trip near Kolkata, our K D Palace best choice for you. K D Palace is one such place if you are looking for a comfortable stay at a low-budget hotel for the best stay at Galudih. Hotel prices in Galudih as per facilities and low-price surroundings. If you love nature and want to feel it from inside the hotel room, it is one of the best choices to stay at K D Palace, a nice guest house you never forget.

The best & cheap place to stay is at K D Palace and you can manage your trips to cover these cities in Jharkhand. All co-operations are to be extended by providing the approved car of the Resort including the trip.

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