Galudih Hotels Price List

Galudih Hotels Price List
Galudih Hotels Price List

Looking out for Galudih hotels price list? Having trouble deciding best budget weekend destination near Kolkata? Well you can rest assure now, because you will get all the needed information in this article for a hassle free tour experience this weekend. So let’s start by knowing your destination first.

Galudih for a Weekend Tour

Galudih is a small and hilly but a beautiful town in East Singhbhum District of the state Jharkhand. It is in the Chotanagpur Plateau stretches from lower land to highland. The reason we called it beautiful is, this place is a masterpiece by the nature itself. Galudih has River, Mounten, Greenery, Lake and what not at its disposal but that is not all this hilly town is known for its healthy environment too. For many years now Galudih and Ghatshila are the best known “Change” destination for Bengalis and it has proven to be an effective one too. That is why every year people from Kolkata choose Galudih for their weekend trip.

Get detailed information about best places to from Galudih please Click Here and if you are excited about the activities you can do there then Click here to get all the information about that. Let’s look on to the best hotel in Galudih.

Best Hotel in Galudih

Although we all love our weekend tours but as they say, there is always a catch; and in this matter there is couple of them. First one will be a hotel that is hygienic, has comfortable rooms & testy foods and a friendly staff that gives a homely vibe, and second and most important one would be Budget. “Budget” is the one word where we all start to compromise with our comforts. Well not in Galudih, because KD Palace is a place where you get all those from first point but without calling off the second point and that is everything within budget. Thinking “too good to be true” well decide for yourself after reading the whole article.

KD palace – A Best Hotel within Budget

K.D.PALACE is a beautiful resort situated 227 kms from Kolkata, about 10 Kms from Ghatsila, 35 Kms from Jamshedpur, 5 Minutes walking distance from Bombay Road (National Highway No.33) and 1 Minutes walking distance from Galudih Railway Station. Galudih is a hill station of Chotanagpur in the state of Jharkhand.

KD palace is just a place where come stay and leave, here you create bonds, memories that lasts lifetime, you test foods that will be remembered by your tongue even after your next or the next to the next weekend trip. In short KD Palace is a Place that makes you revisit Galudih at least for couple of times, and that is proven truth by our of guests. So if you want to put an end to your search for best hotel at best price in Galudih then hurry up and Contact us.


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