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11 Dec 2022
Winter trip near Kolkata

Winter trip near Kolkata

Winter trip near Kolkata In the Jharkhand State, Galudih is a famous tourist place in the East Singhbhum District. The Subarnarekha river is surrounded by forest which adds to the beauty of the Galudih, town of Jharkhand. For a Winter trip near Kolkata, the best time to visit Galudih is from December to April. The main scenes are breath taking, especially at sunset and sunrise in Galudih. It has a township area not fur of village touch. There are untouched […]

14 Nov 2022
Best Stay At Galudih

Best Stay At Galudih

Best stay at Galudih; Galudih is a small town in the East Singhbhum District of the state of Jharkhand. Galudih is a pure health resort for its pleasant climate and Nature surrounded by thick forest and a local river Subarnarekha passes just a side to the city. The atmosphere of this tourist place is like a cool breeze on the Rocky hills nature is refreshing that for best stay at Galudih. The best attractions of the place are the Shalpial […]

10 Nov 2022
Hotel Price Galudih

Hotel Price Galudih

Galudih is a well-known tourist spot for people who love to stay in the lap of nature surrounded by jungle, river, and hills. As the tourism industry flourishes in that region simultaneously various hotels and guest houses are also open there. KD Palace is one such place if you are looking for a comfortable stay at a budget-friendly hotel. Hotel price in Galudih varied as per facilities and surroundings. You will wake up in our comfortable rooms in the morning […]

20 Apr 2021
Galudih as a Popular Tourist Spot

Galudih as a popular tourist spot

Galudih as a Popular Tourist Spot – Exploring the Beauty of K D Palace and its Surroundings Nestled 227 kilometers away from the bustling city of Kolkata, Galudih stands as a tranquil oasis inside the heart of Purba Singhbhum district in Jharkhand. With a handy distance of approximately 10 kilometers from Ghatsila and 35 kilometers from Jamshedpur, this picturesque village is a haven for tourists searching for a rejuvenating escape from their routine lives. Galudih as a popular tourist spot […]

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