Weekend tour to Ghatshila

Weekend tour to Ghatshila

Ghatshila virtually suggests that “rocky landing of a river”, could be a tiny town on the bank of the Subarnarekha stream, that placed at intervals forests space in East Singhbhum district of the Jharkhand, India. Visiting Ghatshila suggests that not solely that you’re sure the chance of paying quality time in nature, by the facet of mystical waterfalls and picturesque hills, however conjointly that you get to pay heed to deities in old historical temples.The scenic beauty of forests, hills and plateaus from the Lodh Falls leaves an enchanting impression on tourists while the lush green forests that surround the state keeps it green and clean. If you’re a nature-lover and need to pay your time on the lap of mother- nature along side town surroundings, then Ghatshila is the best choice in the east India to feel you happy and provides you refresh in the least.Apart from the Ghatshila town, some most popular tourist spots located in and around the city, which are also popular for
sightseeing and some have historical importance.
Phuldungri Hill is a series of hillocks rather close to Tata Nagar. Upon mounting the highest, one can obtain an aerial view of Ghatshila. The hill is heavily lined with various tall Sal trees and its pathway lined with red pebbles. Passing through dense forests, it is a relatively less known path that is sure to enthrall you if you like trekking in general.
Burudih Lake is a favourite site for water sports.There are facilities for motor and pedal boating, with upcoming provisions for water surfing and banana rides.
Binda Mela is command each year within the month of Oct at Ghatshila on the bank of the lake for fifteen days. It is a awfully fashionable, particularly for the Santhals tribes.
Rankini Kali Temple dedicated to Kali Mata is quite popular among tourist visiting Ghatsila. It is about 3 kms from Jadugoda and 35 kms away from Tatanagar Railway Station, in the Rohinibera village of Bansila Gram Panchayat in Potka block.
The placid Dharagiri falls at Ghatshila is an ideal weekend getaway.The stream is crystal clear and cold. Relax in a stone and dip your feet in water. to reach to the main area you have cross a little distance.
Pancha Pandav , 5 km north-west of Ghatshila, a stone is there bearing the figures of five men; the legend is that they are figures of the five Pandav brothers.And people believed it because the natural creation of 5 brothers of Pandava.

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