Sunrise from K D Palace Guest House Galudih

Sunrise from K D Palace Guest House Galudih

Ghatshila is a scenic city of Jharkhand State which lies in the East Singhbhum District. The city is flanked by two mountain ranges with River Subarnarekha streaming in between these two mountains. The place has a tempting beauty which you can feel while having a leisure walk around the city. Ghatshila rejuvenates the tourists with its scenic and stunning places of attractions. People also crave to visit this city for a weekend break and for a treat to their heart and mind. Among the various sightseeing places located in and around Ghatshila and K D Palace a nice Guest House is famous for scenic beauty and if you want to tour the tourist spots in and around, car will be available on hire charges at minimum prices also if you plan to visit Jamshedpur & Ranchi, best & cheap place to stay at K.D. Palace and you can manage your trips to cover these cities. All co-operations to be extended by providing the approved car of the Guest House including all.

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