Best Hotel Near Galudih Railway Station

Best Hotel Near Galudih Railway Station

Best Hotel Near Galudih Railway Station

Galudih is a beautiful village located in the depression of a hill and next to the river Subarnarekha. This little place is surrounded by dalma mountain and subarnarekha river flows beside this place. This hill station is covered by jungle with its natural beauty. Galudih is where you can enjoy the rocky mountains, rivers and jungle in one frame. This place has become popular among tourists due to its beautiful scenery.
Even though it is a small village, you can still have modern facilities to encourage tourists and promote the tourism industry. KD Palace (https://kdpalace.com/) is one of the very few hotels near Galudih railway station, that offers picks and drops from the train station and the airport. The hotel offers luxurious rooms and delicious local cuisine from our restaurant that will make your stay peaceful and stress free.
Various activities such as santhali folk dance or campfire are an addition. KD Palace is a great weekend destination where you can live a few days away from your busy daily life, in harmony with nature. You can visit beautiful places like Ratmohona, Jubilee Park, Dalma Hills, Dassam Falls from KD Palace Resort.
So if you are looking for an affordable stay while visiting the galudih, KD Palace is the place you can choose with your eyes closed. For reservations and more details, please visit our website https://kdpalace.com/page-samples/contact-us/or call us at this number +91 9830674328.

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