Galudih as a popular tourist spot

Who does not want a break from the daily monotonous, stressful life? Everybody loves to spend quality time in a quiet, natural beautiful place to relieve daily boredom. Similarly, the Galudih is a very tiny area of Jharkhand near West Bengal is a healthy and beautiful natural place. It is in the eastern Singbhum district, 15 km from Ghatsila. A small trip on the weekend here will be able to heal the boredom. Being a village area this location is away from pollution, noise, and gathering. Subarnarekha River blowing on its own momentum through mountains, jungles, hills, shaal trees, mahua forests. Galudih has nothing special to see. But it is a tranquil place. Natural freshness and beauty is the theme and it attracts a few people. It is a heaven-like place for nature lover people.

One can reach Galudihi railway station by train from Howrah.

The sightseeing places around Galudih are-

Panch Pandav – Located five kilometers northwest of Ghatsila, panch Pandavas carry mythological significance. The location is definitely great because it is beautifully planned and the residents of the town Mouvandar, are very welcoming and friendly.

Burudih Lake – The Burudih Lake is to be found about 5 km from the city. It is an artificial human-made water reservoir, which is maintained by the authorities. The lake is densely covered by forests and green hills.  It is known as a picnic spot too.

Narwa forest – You should ask for directions from the locals to reach the place. Google map may not help you to reach this place. Be sure to pack some food and your camera. Many colourful butterflies and insects are found here.

Dhargiri falls – Located approximately 5 km from the Burudih lake, the Dhargiri Falls is the main attraction for tourists. At about 25 feet high, these waterfalls make for great sightseeing. Entry fees are rs. 20/-

Galudih dam – About 10 km away, the dam is astonishing. Far from the crowd of city life, you can breathe in the pollution-free air. Take some landscape pictures and portrait pictures of your own here.

Home of Bibhuti Bhusan Bandopadhayya – He was one of the best literature of India. And was a resident of Ghatsila and died there in 1950. After his death the govt. Taking care of his house as a tourist spot to support literary culture.

Fuldungri hills – Near Tatanagar town, it is a small hill. A view of Ghatsila is seen from the top of the hill. If you like trekking in general, you are sure to be captivated. Particularly at night, this view gets more beautiful.

There also have some religious places for religious people, like Rankini temple, Ramkrishna Math.

There has no big market in the area, but you can buy some local stuff for memories or gift others.

Summer is not a travel time for very heat flux. Seasons of winter and spring are the time to refresh yourself in Galudih.

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