Waterside Getaway in Galudih

Exploring Galudih: A Tranquil Waterside Haven

Nestled inside the Purba Singhbhum district of Jharkhand, Galudih beckons tourists looking for a waterside get away from Kolkata’s city rush. This picturesque village, famend for its geographical attraction between two mountain ranges, embraces traffic with the soothing embody of the Subarnarekha River.

The Allure of Galudih for Waterside Getaways from Kolkata

Galudih’s magnetic pull lies in its idyllic setting, drawing wanderers in search of tranquility near a flowing river. The ease of accessibility from Kolkata makes it an inviting spot for those yearning for a serene waterside retreat.

KD Palace: Where Luxury Meets Riverside Charm

Situated in the heart of Galudih near Galudih station, KD Palace stands as a testament to luxurious comfort amidst nature’s beauty. The resort’s picturesque location by the riverside enhances its allure, offering a stay that transcends mere accommodation.

Immersive Services for a Riverside Experience

KD Palace ensures a seamless and delightful stay for its guests. From round-the-clock AC rooms to impeccable room service, every aspect caters to guests’ comfort. The restaurant facility offers a culinary delight, while the provision of parking and pickup/drop services adds convenience to the waterside getaway experience.

Galudih’s Riverside Bliss

The Subarnarekha River, separating the two embracing mountain ranges, creates a serene ambiance that captivates visitors. This waterside haven exudes tranquility, inviting guests to unwind and bask in nature’s tranquility, making it an ideal escape during all seasons.


A waterside getaway in Galudih from Kolkata unfolds as an immersion into nature’s tranquility at its finest. KD Palace complements this experience with its riverside charm and impeccable hospitality. For those seeking a serene escape by the waterside, Galudih stands as an enchanting destination, promising an unforgettable retreat away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

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