Summer Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

Summer Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

Summer Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata: KD Palace in Galudih, a Hidden Gem

Embarking on a Serene Retreat: Galudih’s Allure in Summer

As the temperatures upward push, the quest for the suitable summer getaway near Kolkata leads us to the tranquil village of Galudih in Jharkhand. Nestled in the Purba Singhbhum district, this hidden gem gives an idyllic escape for all ages. promising a rejuvenating experience amidst nature’s bounty.

Why Galudih Tops the List of Summer Vacation Destinations Near Kolkata

Galudih’s geographical attraction, located amongĀ  majestic mountain stages with the Subarnarekha River gracefully flowing thru, makes it an attractive preference for a summer time retreat. Its proximity to Kolkata adds to the charm, imparting a handy break out from the town’s hustle and bustle.

KD Palace: A Summer Haven Near Galudih Station

Amidst Galudih’s splendor stands KD Palace, a beacon of comfort and hospitality. Located near Galudih station, this hotel isn’t always just an area to live however an experience to cherish. Its stunning environment make it a perfect vacation spot for the ones looking for solace and splendor in the course of their summer season vacation.

Cool Comforts Await at KD Palace

KD Palace takes pride in offering an array of services tailored for a comfortable summer stay. From 24-hour AC rooms that provide respite from the heat to a restaurant facility serving refreshing meals, every aspect is designed to enhance the summer vacation experience. The convenience of parking and pickup/drop services adds an extra layer of comfort.

Galudih’s All-Age Appeal in Summer

The summer season in Galudih unveils a myriad of activities suitable for all ages. Families can enjoy riverside picnics, nature walks, and cultural explorations, making it an ideal destination for a wholesome summer vacation.


For those in search of summer vacation destinations near Kolkata. Galudih emerges as a serene retreat, with KD Palace as the epitome of comfort and beauty. Whether you seek a peaceful escape or a family-friendly adventure. Galudih promises an unforgettable summer vacation, a stone’s throw away from the city.

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