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20 Apr 2021

Weekend tour to Jadugora

Jadugora may be a census town in Purbi Singhbhum district within the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is a little township of Uranium Corporation of India within the Singhbhum district of Jharkhand state in Eastern India. It is a little township of Uranium Corporation of India in the Singhbhum region of Jharkhand state in Eastern India. The place is encompassed by slopes and waterways. Numerous types of winged animals, reptiles and creatures are found here. The way of life time […]

20 Apr 2021

Johna Falls and Hundru Falls

The capital Ranchi is blessed naturally, having several fabulous falls and streams in and around the city. Ranchi has specially been adorned with falls and streams. Hundru fall is concerning forty five kms removed from Ranchi city. The Swarnarekha watercourse falls from a height of 320 feet forming image} mailing-card like picture. At very cheap of the season a stunning pool is created that permits guests to need associate degree honest Liril like dip, however with precaution. Jonha is concerning […]

20 Apr 2021

Scenic beauty at Ratmohona

Ghatshila the strengthening natural beauty remains associate degree way-out weekend destination between Ranchi and Kolkata. Moreover, it’s between Jamshedpur on one aspect and Jhargharm on the alternative aspect. Ghatshila is regarding 240 klick from Kolkata and well connected by road and train. If one follows the path on the stream bank, one lands up on prime of the picturesque Ratmohana hill. This hill provides a canonised read of breathless sunsets and sunrises every day . the trail to hill is […]

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