Phuldungri Hill

Phuldungri Hill: Located around 7 kms from Galudih, Phuldungiri Hill is carpeted with tall trees and long grasses was the source of inspiration of Bibhuti Bhusan for another best creation of novel “ARYAANAK” where you will find the lucid description of forest. It is a small hillock which provides a magnificent panoramic view of the city of Ghatshila. This hill is on the National High Way No 33. This hillock is covered with thick verdant forest of tall Sal and Mahua trees mostly. It will be an out-of-the-world experience if one wants to walk through the dense forest of Phuldungri, where the thick plants and trees make even sunlight difficult to pierce. There is a twisting trail covered with red pebbles through which one can drive up to top of the hill. The sun set and sunrise viewed from the hilltop is an unforgettable experience. Phuldungri is also popularly known to fulfill a lover’s wishes. This beautiful place attracts a lot of tourist.

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